What’s The Best Soft Start For 5th Wheels?

Top Soft Starters For Your Camper + RV

Many consumers and aspiring RVers may opt for a 5th wheel over a class A, class B, or class C motor home  for a variety of reasons – whether it be the flexibility it provides for campers, the clever use of the space which gives 5th wheelers more comfort on the road, or the lifetime value of a 5th wheel. But how do you optimize your 5th wheel to get the most out of your life on the road? One of the most consistent challenges 5th wheelers face is keeping their 5th wheel cool and comfortable on the road. 

Due to their size, most 5th wheels, like many class A or class C RVs, require more than one air conditioner. Unfortunately, two air conditioners can mean more problems and maintenance if not properly optimized. Because of this, more 5th wheelers than ever are opting to install soft starters on their air conditioners. 

When it comes to keeping your 5th wheel or RV cool, what is the best soft starter on the market to install into your 5th wheel? In this article, we’ll break down the differences between the two soft starters on the market for 5th wheels, SoftStartRV and EasyStart. You have the power to travel anywhere in your 5th wheel, so let’s make sure you have the proper gear to live the lifestyle you deserve on the road. 

Rv, start, softstartrv, air, board, power, easystart, trailer, lifestyle, travel, tech, gear

In this guide, we will review:

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Rv, start, softstartrv, air, board, power, easystart, trailer, lifestyle, travel, tech, gear

The One Problem Every 5th Wheeler Knows And How To Solve It

You’ve spent a long day on the road, and finally you’ve reached your campsite. You’re ready to park, get set up, and unwind in comfort after a long travel day. However, you soon realize your campground, like most, only provides enough power for a 30-amp connection. 

Even though you have 2 air conditioners that you’d like to use in your 5th wheel, you can only start ONE A/C unit because of the initial power spike to get the second A/C started. Suddenly only half of your 5th wheel is getting cool, and the other half feels just as hot and sweaty as you would feel outside. 

Why spend all the money on a 5th wheel only to feel like you’re camping in a tent? 

SoftStartRV solves this problem. Once installed into your 5th wheel AC, the SoftStartRV reduces startup power demand by up to 70%. With two SoftStartRV soft start kits installed in your 5th wheel, one for each air conditioner, you can optimize both of the ACs you paid for when you purchased your 5th wheel. 

Not only does this allow your air conditioners to keep a more even, cool temperature throughout the 5th wheel, but it allows your generator to function much more smoothly, without having to run multiple times throughout your stay. This means less noise of your generator starting up during the night, so you can enjoy a breezy night’s sleep in your 5th wheel uninterrupted. Plus  – you can even boondock or moochdock more easily in your RV.

If you own a 5th wheel, you probably chose to travel in a 5th wheel over a Class A motor home, Class C motor home, or other trailer because of the excellent value for the price. After all, a 5th wheel can actually feel quite spacious for the price. 5th wheel and RV owners know that keeping a 5th wheel cool and comfortable can get expensive. 

What Is The Cost Of A SoftStartRV Vs. An EasyStart?

SoftStartRV and EasyStart both appear to cost the same for a single soft start. HOWEVER – 5th wheelers will typically need to purchase at least 2 soft starters, one for each air conditioner. 

The purchase of two EasyStarts does not provide you everything you need to successfully install them with your RV or 5th wheel ACs.

Price Breakdown: What Is Included In The Price Of A SoftStartRV Vs. An EasyStart?

By purchasing an EasyStart for your RV, you get:

  1. No install kit
    • The install kit is necessary to actually connect the soft starter to your air conditioners. Just like products that don’t include the batteries, a soft starter without an install kit is useless. EasyStart requires you to spend an additional $9-10 per installation kit. Meaning that you’ll need to pay an additional $18-20 for two installation kits after already buying the two EasyStart soft starts.
    • Plus, if you buy them, then you have to spend at least 2 hours running to hardware stores to find all the 10 different items, such as connectors, screws, tie wraps, etc.
  2.  No free shipping
    • Despite shelling out the cash on two EasyStarts and additional costs for the two install kits, SHIPPING IS NOT FREE. Get ready to spend an additional shipping fee, even for regular, non-expedited ground shipping.
      Depending on your location is generally $23-25 for shipping 2 via UPS ground shipping.
  3. Restocking Fees:
    • Can’t get your EasyStart to work with your 5th wheel? Have problems installing your soft starter? Have buyers remorse?  You’ll need to pay a 25% restocking fee. This will cost you $74.75 PER soft starter, meaning if you return 2 soft starters, you will need to pay $149.50 for a product you couldn’t even use. 
  4. Return Shipping Fees
    •  Don’t Forget: EasyStart does not cover the cost of return shipping, meaning you’ll need to spend between $23-25 for UPS per soft starter to return it depending on your location. 
  5. No LIVE Rooftop Tech Support
    • Once you’ve purchased an EasyStart, installation is left up to you. If you have a problem installing, you can only rely on Micro Air to provide installation instructions on their website, or you may have to search through a few installation Youtube videos and hope you can solve the problem. 
    • EasyStart does not provide any LIVE tech support. No professional to ask questions, little or no support to walk you through the process while in your RV. This can be a frustrating experience for even the most tech savvy RVer or 5th wheeler. Without the necessary gear (like installation connectors and screws), LIVE tech support, or friendly professional guidance, how can EasyStart 5th wheel customers have the helpful guidance to work through any RV installation issues? 

With SoftStartRV, you pay $299 for 1 soft starter, or 2 soft starters for $598 and receive:

See our True Product Value Comparison Chart for a simple at-a-glance comparison of EasyStart Vs. SoftStartRV.

Rv, start, softstartrv, air, board, power, easystart, trailer, lifestyle, travel, tech, gear

For many owners of a 5th wheel, Airstream, RV, Class A trailer, Class C trailer, or motor home, getting your hands dirty is part of the fun of life on the road. This is why many RVers opt for the “DIY” installation process with their soft starters. SoftStartRV keeps the installation simple with a ton of resources at your fingertips. SoftStartRV provides installation instructions, diagrams, FAQs, video tutorials, and of course, LIVE rooftop tech support to walk you through your installation step by step while in your RV or 5th wheel. 

Now, we also provide answers to commonly asked questions on soft start installation we receive from our 5th wheel and RV customers.

FAQ #1: Do I need more than one soft starter for my 5th wheel?

Yes. If your 5th wheel has 2, or even 3 air conditioners, you’ll need a soft starter for each unit. Otherwise, you may find your family all crowded in the one area of your 5th wheel that stays cool. Each air conditioner needs to be optimized with it’s own soft starter in order to function best. 

FAQ #2: How to install a soft starter in my 5th wheel easily?

We can help! With tech support just a phone call away, we give you the power to install your soft starters yourself, with a tech professional guiding you every step of the way LIVE. Each soft start takes about 20-30 minutes to install in total.

Mobile RV techs or your local RV service center can also install the soft start if you prefer to have someone else do it.

Check out this video testimonial from our  customer Levi. He explains how easy he was able to install his SoftStartRV into his RV with our live tech support.

FAQ #3: Will A SoftStartRv Work In A Class A Motor Home, A Class C Motor Home, And A 5th Wheel?

Yes. RVs and 5th wheels air conditioners both function with the SoftStartRV.

FAQ #4: How Will A SoftStartRV Give Me More Freedom On The Road?

Check out this review from RV Life: “SoftStartRV Air Conditioning Soft Start Kit Means A/C Freedom At Any 30-Amp Site – Now, you can take your motorhome, 5th-wheel, or travel trailer equipped with multiple air-conditioning units virtually anywhere and enjoy camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing, or just hanging around the campsite, knowing that when the day is done you can relax in the cool comfort of your rig, even on a 30-amp connection. No more hunting for the relatively few 50-amp sites at state parks. “

FAQ #5: Does A Soft Start Negatively Affect My RV Air Conditioner?

No. There is no compromise for installing a SoftStartRV, you get improved startability with the reduced current starts. RV tech expert Mike Sokol explains the technical questions in his video review of the SoftStartRV. 

Tech Experts Explain Why You Need A Soft Starter In Your 5th Wheel Or RV

Mike Sokol from RV Electricity is an electrical and professional sound expert with 40+ years in the industry.  He’s joined the club of customers who use and recommend the Soft Start RV and taken control of his RV A/C power. In this video, he reviews why SoftStartRV is the ideal accessory for your RV air conditioner, whether you’re camping, living the RV lifestyle, or bringing your gear on the road. You can also have a lot of RV fun with boondocking or moochdocking.

Check out his explanation of the SoftStartRV in his video:

Curious to know more? We’re happy to help. Unlike other RV accessory brands, we understand that you may want to talk to a real person to be sure the SoftStartRV is right for your 5th wheel needs before purchasing. Submit your questions on installing SoftStartRV into your 5th wheel or RV and we will reply. It’s never to late to be cool anywhere with any power situation.

Check out more of our FAQs  on 5th wheels like…

I have a fifth wheel with 2 15000 BTU A/C units. Can I reduce my generator size if I installed your SoftStartRV?

“Yes, you can install the SoftStartRV and reduce the size of your generator and you would even be able to operate both 15k BTU A/Cs on a 30A utility hookup.  

Operating 2  x 15k BTU A/Cs would not leave a lot of capacity for other applications on a 30A cord. You’ll need to allocate about 1800W for each of your A/C 15k systems. Estimate about 3600 W for both. You will also want to budget capacity for your converter/battery charger, water heater, microwave and your refrigerator. 

The best solution is that you won’t need any extra generator capacity to make up the startup spike of your 2 A/Cs because SoftStartRV reduces the starting surge.” (Click here to read more FAQS).

Hear From RVers and 5th Wheelers Just Like You

Start your journey on the road with SoftStartRV, the top brand for RV soft starters on the market. 

This is terrific! I bought the SoftStartRV and installed it in my Dometic 15000 BTU A/C on my 5th Wheel! I was having a small problem wiring it and called the customer service line. Surprisingly, a real person answered. He explained the wiring process step by step. Thank you, My 2000-watt Honda generator started my A/C easily. A smart decision I made on getting this unit. Thank You!
– Brian

We just purchased a new to us fifth wheel and quickly realized we needed soft starts in order to use our 3500 generator. I ordered these from SoftStartRV directly and they shipped the same day! I had them in my hands within two days, wow! I installed both in about two hours along with the help of the videos SoftStartRV published to YouTube. They worked great when trying these out with the generator tonight! Thanks SoftStartRV!
– Wilson

The SoftStart RV was easy to install and works just like stated. Works perfectly with one generator to run the air conditioning on my 30 ft. fifth wheel. Completely satisfied with my purchase.
– Sam

Easy install on both Dometic Duo Therm, AC units on our fifth wheel. The rear AC unit is 15,000 BTU and the front AC unit is 13,500 BTU. Both units now operate on a 30 amp service at the same.
– Rick

I purchased three of the units for my fifth wheel. After reviewing the AC wiring diagrams and determining the wiring connections needed, the units were installed with very little difficulty.
– Noel

Rv, start, softstartrv, air, board, power, easystart, trailer, lifestyle, travel, tech, gear

Bottom line: Works as advertised, installation (with tech support) was easy, wife is happy.
Back story: 2011 Montana 50 amp 5th Wheel, 1 Dometic Brisk II AC unit. Couldn’t afford to screw this up financially or failure in installation, so I opened a support ticket ahead of receiving the unit. Received a call a couple of hours later, sent some pictures back via phone & continued the discussion with plenty of assurance that he (Danny) would walk me right thru it after it arrived.

Day of installation I sent a text & within 30 minutes received a telephone call ready to calmly & casually talked me thru… patiently waiting while I made the necessary male & female connections & testing once completed. It took about an hour, but the friendliness & professionalism made the time fly by. I would definitely recommend this product.
– Laurence

I purchased this to be able to run my Nuwa 5th Wheel trailer 15000 BTU air conditioner using my Generac 2000i generator. I installed the SoftStartRV without any problems. I did call support at SoftStartRV once during the install and got a quick solution to my problem. Missed one of the required wire connections. Now my generator handles the air conditioner easily! No more hot nights in my trailer wishing I could run the air! Great product and great customer support.

Ran into a bit of an issue since my RV AC has a solid state control and didn’t line up with any of the self help videos. Submitted a ticket and within a couple of hours Danny called me and walked me through everything. I can now run my big AC on my 5th wheel camper with my Westinghouse 2500 igen generator. Very happy.
– Daniel

I did a little research on the SoftstartRV after seeing it on the RV ODD COUPLE YouTube channel. Replacing the AC starting coils and condensers with the SoftStartRV to prevent a large initial draw made sense. I saw very little negative reviews and decided to try it.

It was fairly easy to install (other than being nervous about cutting wires on my AC unit) and I was done in about an hour.

I tested it using a 50amp to 15amp adapter and plugged in the 5th wheel to a garage outlet. The AC started up worked perfectly and didn’t trip the RV surge protecter (something that ALWAYS happened before). Next I tested it with a Yamaha inverter, same results, AC ran fine no surge, no trips. I am very happy with the SoftStartRV.
– Eric

Rv, start, softstartrv, air, board, power, easystart, trailer, lifestyle, travel, tech, gear

While the inside of house was being painted, we spent the day in the RV with our dogs while hooked up to 30 amp service. The A/C s ran smoothly to cool the rig while we also used other electrical appliances. It is great feeling that we know that we can operate a 40ft 5th wheel on 30 amp service. A good investment add-on to our RVing life style.
– Roger

Can’t believe how great this device works. I don’t even hear the AC come on. Not to mention how happy I am to be able to run the AC on a small Honda 2200i generator and not have to lug around a bulky and heavy generator. I have a 34 foot 5th wheel with two Coleman 13.5 BTU air conditioners.

Installation was easy as the instructions depicted. Had one simple question which was answered within an hour by a wonderful gentleman named Phil. Should have ordered the SoftStartRV a long time ago. I would highly recommend the Soft StartRV to anyone that has an RV. Thanks for such a great product.
– Sergio

Amazing device! First read about on the RV Travel newsletter. Did some further research on the web and bought 2 units. Have them installed on our 2013 Heartland Bighorn. We currently are parked in our daughters driveway with a 30 amp service and have both AC’s running. Once I figured out which Dometic Duo-Therm units i had on the 5th wheel, the installation was quite simple.

The SoftStart website was awesome for support and the installation videos were quite useful. Would and have recommended these devices to family members and friends. Thanks
– Dale

Read more testimonials of the SoftstartRV from 5th wheelers and RVers here. Have a review you’d like to share? Email us! 

Help us get the word out about SoftStartRV by reviewing us on Google and Facebook. Your support helps us continue to provide the five-star customer service you love for a quality RV product. 

Ready to start living the life you want in your 5th Wheel?

Become a member of the NetworkRV family and order a SoftStartRV. We deliver on our promise to keep your 5th wheel or RV cool. With free tech support, free extended warranty, and 100% money back guarantee for 90 days, our special discount beats competitors and gives you the peace of mind to buy with confidence. 

Trust has to be earned and we want to earn it

We appreciate the faith and trust you have placed in us in purchasing and using our SoftStartRV. More and more we’ve come to understand that we are a referral-based business. Hence, we appreciate and encourage anyone in your life right now such as a father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, cousin, neighbor, or fellow camper that has a need to be cool anywhere in their RV, and needs THE BEST expert opinion or soft start solution. We promise you we will give them our preferential service. And even if they choose to NOT buy our products, we will still try and help them solve their RV cooling issues.

Because you referred us, we are ready, willing, and passionately able to serve the people that are important to you. We want to help make smart campers smarter by giving them the most thorough, most meaningful, professional soft start advice. We will provide for them solutions, recommendations, videos, diagrams, plus LIVE rooftop tech call support. We will treat them in an incredibly special way on how to stay cool anywhere, anytime in their RV.

So please feel confident in your recommendation of us. Trust has to be earned, and we hope we have earned that in you to a degree you feel at ease in suggesting that special person, or special dog or cat who may need camper cooling in hot weather. We trust our help will be sought without reservations, thanks to your sincerest recommendations.

Glossary of Terms For RV + 5th Wheel Owners


Your air conditioner, or A/C as it’s abbreviated, circulates the air within your RV, 5th wheel, Casita, Airstream, trailer, or motor home. SoftStartRV serves as an accessory that works with your RV air conditioner to provide a more evenly cooled space, that starts smoothly and runs with the power needed to keep you cool.


Airstream is a popular brand of travel trailer built out of aluminum, on the road since the 1930s. It is one of the top known RV brands in the industry. 


capacitor is a device inside an air conditioning unit. It is small, cylindrical and it supplies and controls electrical energy. The capacitor provides a high-voltage jolt to the blower motor, compressor, and fan motor. The high voltage jolt is around 400 to 600 volts. 


Casita is a top brand of small travel trailers that are easily towed with small cars and trucks. The Casita brand was established in 1983.

Class A Motorhome

A Class A Motorhome is defined as a conventional motorhome. It’s the largest and most luxurious of the motorized RVs.

Class B Motorhome

Class B Motorhomes are often referred as camper vans. Best suited for small groups, they’re smaller and more fuel efficient than Class C motorhomes. 

Class C Motorhome

A Class C motorhome is similar to a traditional automobile. It looks like a van from the front and is built with a cab or a cut-away chassis. 

5th Wheel / Fifth Wheel

A 5th Wheel is a type of RV that has a hitch, allowing the driver to tow it behind a larger vehicle. A 5th Wheel is preferred by many because it provides the space of something larger, without being a “house on wheels” like many RVs.

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