Living with Limited Power Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

SoftStartUSA’s Purpose

SoftStartUSA makes products that provide smart solutions for people who rely on both utility AND limited electrical power.

By greatly reducing the usual power needed to start RV, marine and home air conditioners, we help those who use campground service, generators, inverters, solar arrays, battery backups, and more – allowing people to safely operate more appliances
than was previously possible.

With our innovative technology and world-class customer service, SoftStartUSA is dedicated to making you more comfortable when at leisure, and safer during electrical power emergencies.

How We Make A Difference

Power Up Recreational Vehicles and Pleasure Boats

Thousands of full-time RVers, weekend campers, boondockers and cross-country explorers now enjoy more reliable air-conditioned comfort than previously possible with SoftStartUSA products.

By reducing the inrush of electrical power required to start up air conditioners and similar compressor-run appliances, our products allow more onboard comfort appliances to start and run simultaneously all day and all night long. And they do it without requiring the RV or boat owner to buy a larger generator or a bigger power source to compensate for the additional A/C startup electricity.

Improve Home Air Conditioning Performance and Electrical Power Efficiency

The loud knocks, the dimming lights, and the large spikes in power usage that can accompany every central A/C startup are a thing of the past with SoftStartUSA products.

By dramatically lowering startup electricity demand, our products improve homeowner comfort while reducing demands on strained or aging power grids.

As a result, our products can help extend the life of A/C units while also helping to keep electric usage down during peak demand periods.

Help People Live Safely Through Emergencies

In today’s climate of unpredictable power outages that affect electric grids from coast to coast, home and business owners who prepare for power emergencies benefit from the advantages that SoftStartUSA electrical power handling products offer.

Especially for people whose health depends on comfortable air and vital medical machines, our soft start products work exceptionally well with generators, solar-energized batteries and other limited power sources to keep necessary appliances running on backup power until the main power is restored.

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