How Many SoftStartRV Units Do You Need?

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1 SoftStartRV

SAVE $40
$ 309
  • Regular Price $349
* Best Choice To Run 2 A/Cs On A 30-AMP hookup
2 SoftStartRVs

2 SoftStartRV

SAVE $80
$ 618
  • Regular Price $698
Best Choice
* Best Choice To Run 2 A/Cs On A 30-AMP hookup
3 SoftStartRVs

3 SoftStartRV

SAVE $120
$ 927
  • Regular Price $1,047

4 SoftStartRV

SAVE $160
$ 1,236
  • Regular Price $1,396

A Game Changer!


“This trailer has been all the way from San Diego to to North of the Arctic Circle , North of Fairbanks, Alaska. And this SoftStartRV is a game changer.”

- ​Bobby M.

Works Like A Champ!

​Discovered right away coming to Florida that trying to run an air conditioner with a generator is impossible. It just kills the generator. So there we are sweating it out in, you know, a nice weekend, trying to enjoy everything and it’s so hot. And now, with this SoftStartRV installed in my trailer, I can hook my generator up and turn my air conditioning on anywhere and it works like a champ. It went in easy. I think the total install time was maybe 45 minutes, tested it out and it was flawless. And so I’m really happy to have this product and now I can enjoy a cooler time, and I can camp in those areas where I can get away from everybody and still be very, very comfortable.

- Dennis H.

This is terrific!

I bought the SoftstartRVand installed it in my Dometic15000 BTU A/C on my 5th Wheel! I was having a small problem wiring it and called the customer service line. Surprisingly, a real person answered. He explained the wiring process step by step. Thank you, My 2000-watt Honda generator started my A/C easily. A smart decision I made on getting this unit. Thank You!

- Brian C.