1976-736 NO CUT

NOTE: You can create space for your SoftstartRV by doing the following: Remove the right-side strap screw holding the capacitors and disconnect both Red and Yellow wires. Remove the Start Capacitor, then Slide the Run and Fan Capacitors against the left side wall and re-secure them to the front of the left side wall using the same strap. Now you can mount the SoftstartRV and all wires inside the Electrical Box after wiring is completed.

IF you mount it inside Cut the Blue, Black and Yellow SoftstartRV wires to approximately 14 inches and crimp disconnects as shown in the Softstart Box above. Now, Route the Brown and Red SoftstartRV wires to top of compressor crimp Disconnect as shown.
IF you see 3 capacitors preform Step 4, IF you don’t see 3 capacitors SKIP Step 4
Step 1) Follow the White Compressor wire to the “C” Terminals of the Run Capacitor, Disconnect it and connect to Blue Softstart wire.
Step 2) Connect the Black Softstart wire on the terminal the White wire was on
Step 3) Connect the Yellow Softstart wire on a terminal next to the Red Softstart wire on the “Herm” Terminals of the Run Capacitor.
Step 4) IF You see a 2nd Red wire next to the Red compressor wire disconnect it and tape end.
Step 5) Remove Compressor Cap, Disconnect Black compressor wire , Connect to Red Softstart wire. Tape connection.
Step 6) Temporarily insert a male in the Brown Softstart female, Bend as shown, Remove male and route Brown Softstart wire around cap post

Then to terminal Black compressor wire was on. Face bend toward cap post so cap will go on. Replace Cap and secure.
Turn Power and AC breaker on, Turn Fan on Hi 1 min, Then Turn AC to Autocool set Tstat to 55 Look at Softstart light on left should be Green ( There may be a FULL 3 min delay before light comes on) If after 4 min no green light call tech support.

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