NOTE: Route All SoftstartRV wires into the Electrical Box, Then crimp Connectors as shown in Softstart box at top.

Step 1) Follow the White Compressor wire to Run Capacitor “C” Terminal. Disconnect and connect it to the Blue SoftstartRV wire.

Step 2) Connect the Black SoftstartRV wire to the terminal the White wire was on.

Step 3) Follow the Red compressor wire from the compressor to the “HERM” terminal. DO NOT

Step 4) IF you see a 2nd Red wire next to the Red compressor wire DISCONNECT it, tape the end and drop it. Then connect the Yellow SoftstartRV wire on the Terminal where you pulled off the second Red wire.

Step 5) Follow the Black Compressor wire to the “PUR” Terminal. Disconnect it and Connect to the Brown SoftstartRV wire.

Step 6) Crimp a male connector on the Red SoftstartRV wire and connect it to the Black wire you just removed from the compressor. Tape the connection.

Before turning the power back on, secure wires to prevent the fan from pulling them in. Turn the Power and A/C breaker on, Turn the Fan on High until you hear it running, then Turn the A/C to Auto Cool and set the Thermostat to 55 degrees. Look at the SoftstartRV for a Green light (There may be a full 3 min delay before the Green light comes on).

After you see the Green Light, Turn the power off, tidy up your wires and replace all covers. Then turn the A/C back on and allow it to run for 30 min at about 2 degrees below the outside temperature which should allow it to cycle a few times.

IF after 3 min you don’t have a green light, shut the A/C OFF and contact Tech Support, www.softstartrv.com/support and fill out a ticket.

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