Find My AC Model & Matching Wiring Diagram

Hi and thanks for purchasing one or more SoftStartRV units.  While your new product is being shipped to your location, you may need some advance assistance locating your wiring diagram. Our Tech Support Team is always ready to help but you may wish to take advantage of our help – in advance.  Fill in the items below, click Submit and we’ll do our best to get your wiring diagram to you before your package arrives.  Additionally, we stand ready to assist you “live” while you’re wiring your AC on your RV rooftop. 

Within each Model there are typically sub-models. If you have a Coleman-Mach there are many, many different types and hence many different wiring diagrams.  So it’s important to find the proper model number so we can match it with your model/type.  Finding the correct model number is important for ALL AC types, but especially for the Coleman-Mach models.

To be sure that you have the correct wiring diagram and 6 step installation for your specific AC unit, please find the paper schematic inside the outer cover of your AC. It may be on, inside OR on the back of the removable cover of the metal electrical box.    Locating the diagram is easy to do. It may involve removing the AC cover on the rooftop, removing the electrical panel plate (maybe a few screws) and finding the diagram.  Take a picture of it with your cell phone. It may look a little weathered and yellow but should be readable.  You will probably see some numbers.

With Coleman-Mach units these numbers always begin with 1976 followed by a letter and 3 more numbers as shown in the picture.

colemani nstructions

Fill in the form below with your AC type and number and we will do our best to email you your correct wiring diagram.  If you can’t locate the number, no worries.  BEFORE YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR INSTALLATION book a time to speak with our Support Techs and they’ll help you “live” on the phone with your wiring.

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