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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Channel Partner with NetworkRV. The company values its relationships with other professionals and always has its sights set on the long term.

Although we have had rapid growth in a short time period, NetworkRV follows a more selective model than its competitors. This method allows us to choose our JV Channel Partners by criteria that are mainly qualitative.

How Our JV Channel Partner Program Works

The methods we use via our JV Channel partners to generate sales work very efficiently and are refined and tested over time.  We have copy, articles, editorials, videos, and ads to assist you if need be.   Deviations from these tried and tested methods are acceptable but may cause you to generate less sales than anticipated. 

We also issue daily and monthly Reports via email so you can see the activity generated by your efforts, and those of others, if applicable.  We recommend monthly Reports vs. daily Reports. With daily Reports, if you have no activity you will have a blank grid…  However, if you have a special message going out, a daily report can quickly inform you how successful your message is in pulling in new sales…   

To sum up, you will be receiving an auto-emailed monthly Report at the beginning of each month showing the sales generated by your efforts and the commissions due for the previous month.  This is the amount we will submit via bank or ACH wire transfer – typically within 1 to 3 days after the 1st of each month.  Canadian companies will receive a mailed check if the commission amount is less than $500.

This can be an ongoing profitable venture for you and we will work with you to generate maximum sales – and commissions – for you/your company.  Typically you can expect commissions to be from $50 to $20,000 and more per month, depending on seasonality and channel activity.  This is a wide range. Some of our most active JV Channel Partners earn several thousand dollars per month.  It all depends on how many people see your message and the frequency of that message.  

For your messaging, whether it be video, audio, text copy or a mix, we strongly recommend “evergreen” messaging with no prices or dates mentioned. This way the messaging can be re-purposed at a later date if need be.

Kindly complete the information requested below.  Upon receipt of your information we will begin to build your special landing pages with your logo on our website. Typically this will take a few days.  We will email or call you on completion. After you have seen a “live” test of these new pages and agree all is well, we will send you the link and you may publish it in your article on your website or in your email missive. 

Additionally, we ask for your bank information so that we may pay you directly via same-day wire transfer or 2-day to 3-day ACH.  

Thanks in advance. We look forward to a long-lasting, profitable relationship.

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