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GET 40% Cooler Faster with RV Airflow

  • Increase Your A/C Air Volume by 40%
  • Cool Your RV faster
  • Improve Your Overall Efficiency, Leading to Energy and Cost Savings
  • Balance Air Flow Throughout Your RV
  • Reduce “Wind” Whistle And Air Noise From Your Vent

“RV Air Flow”fits most Coleman Mach, Dometic and GE A/Cs

The RV Airflow is a patent-pending module that installs into the plenum, the space between the bottom of your air-conditioning unit and the cover plate. It captures 100% of the air and directs it in an optimized way into your RV’s existing duct work.

It’s a specially built non-electrical, non-mechanical device that removes air friction and turbulence, allowing your roof mounted air-conditioner to operate at is designed capacity – it really does improve air flow by 40%.

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Choose Your A/C Type from the 6 Models Listed:

  • Coleman Mach 3, 10, 15
  • Coleman Mach 3, 10, 15 with Shallow Plenum 
  • Coleman Mach 8
  • Dometic Brisk Air 2
  • Dometic Penguin 2GE A/C Units

The AirFlow has been performance-verified in all Grand Design models and works with most models from most manufacturers that are using Coleman Mach and Dometic A/Cs.

The RV Airflow System is manufactured from 3lb Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), the highest density available. It is highly durable, temperature and water resistant and prevents bacteria and mold growth. It contains no CFC, HCFC or HFC blowing agents or formaldehyde, and it is chemically inert, so it does not produce methane gas or any contaminants.

RV Airflow System kits are custom made here in the US, please allow 3-5 days to process your order.
The AirFlow sells for as high as $210 but – for a limited time – we’re offering it to our SoftStartRV users and fans for just $179 – SAVE $31
100% Guarantee of Satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. This product has our 90-day love-it-or-return-it guarantee of satisfaction.
Get yours today. 

SOME VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS (We have thousands more…)


I saw the Air Flow System on the Internet while looking for RV parts. I watched the video and was a little skeptical but was really interested and curious due to living in West Texas where it stays a cool 99 degrees plus in the summer. I have a 2017 (29ft -1 AC) camper with a Coleman Mach 3(15000 btu) and have put fans inside to help tame this heat. (Not much airflow in the ducts) Well I opened the A/C up and measured to see which one I needed and emailed to see about the delivery time. I broke down ordered it and 3 days it’s at my house. I put it in this morning and couldn’t believe the difference in my duct air flow. Yep, I’m IMPRESSED!!!!, hollered for my wife to come see and SHE was IMPRESSED as well. (Mamma is HAPPY then EVERYBODY is HAPPY) It was EASY to install, the only thing that slowed me down is putting the two bolts back in due to not having my XRAY vision anymore. (I’m old) Everything went smooth on the install. About 30 minutes to install including 10 or so admiring my finished work. GOOD instructions (also on video) simple to install and SURE WORTH EVERY PENNY. I wished the FACTORY would put them on every camper…If you’re going to buy a new camper, TELL the dealer to put it on there! I don’t have a heating Grid in the AC, but it would also help move MORE air too. This is my opinion about this product …

- ​Gerry Clark on Oct 07, 2021

Best investment I have ever made for my camper!

I am so impressed with the RV airflow for my ac unit on my fifth wheel. We are currently camping on the lake in full sun and it’s about 90. The ac unit is set at 73 and is cycling on and off. The airflow is so impressive. When we first got here it was about 91 on the thermostat and within an hour the temp was down to 82. Then in another hour it was down to 75. That would have never happened with the stock ac. Best investment I have ever made for my camper.

- David Nease on Oct 05, 2021

Falling in love with our RV again!

I purchased the Coleman kit for my 2015 Crossroads, Sunset Trail Grand Reserve and I can very happily confirm that kit fit perfectly and performs even better than we hoped.
THANK YOU! Your device is helping us fall in love with our RV again. We live in Missouri where summer camping can be very hot and extremely humid. Our rig was never able to get more than 10 degrees cooler than the outside temp and sleeping was miserable. Since installing the Air Flow we can maintain a very comfortable 76 during even the hottest days and 72 at night without the unit running every minute of the night.

- Chris Funston on Oct 05, 2021

The RV Airflow is quite amazing, and we are sure grateful!

We just received and installed our RV Airflow in our 2011 Carriage Cabo. It was a tight fit, but my husband did an amazing job installing it. We are in Tucson right now and the temp is 103. The inside temp is 83 and is holding steady. We did turn the AC off while my husband was installing the unit and the temp rose to 87 degrees (it took about 20 minutes to stabilize at 83). I figure the real test will be tomorrow as we are heading to 106 degrees (update, temp held steady at 83/84).

The main difference that we have noticed is more cold air coming out of the vents at the back of our unit. We always kept those vents closed because we couldn’t feel any air coming out of them. The other incredible difference is the air actually blowing (I can hear it) out of the two vents up in the bedroom. We only have 1 AC unit, and the bedroom has never been as cool or comfortable as our “downstairs” until today.

- The Herter Family on Oct 05, 2021

Big difference!

We live in AZ. It is sometimes a struggle to be out in the summer unless you go up into the mountains. I installed this device in our Cougar 1/2-ton fifth wheel, and it flat out works! It was installed after the trailer had sat all day in the sun, and was miserable to be in. Within 10 minutes after startup, it was nice, and getting better by the minute! Thank you for a great product that does what it says it will do. Don’t be swayed by those who have not tried it but felt free to complain about it. It works and was well worth it! (Try Alamo Lake in the summer… then see how much your comfort is worth to you)

- Ken Kirkedahl on Sep 06, 2021