A New Way To Get The “Cool” Benefits Of A SoftStart Without The UpFront Cost Of Buying One…

Introducing: The SoftStart Members Only Club

  • No big outlay of cash, as a Member we’ll ship you a SoftStart at no charge

  • Get started easily with no big up-front costs

  • Free RVLife Premium Membership (value $69 year)

  • Free RVTravel Premium Membership (value $52 year)

  • Free Harvest hosts Membership (value $99 year)

  • Special Discounts up to $50 on new products

  • Lifetime Warranty on any SoftStart – while you are a Member

  • Member Newsletter with the latest hints and tips

  • Access to our Special Monthly Podcast and YouTube Show: “ZappSavvy” all about RV solar and electricity featuring Mr. RV Electricity: Mike Sokol

Here’s how it works:

To begin you pay a one-time Membership Setup.  This covers setup, shipping, handling and insurance of your SoftStart product, and your first month’s Membership.

Beginning 30-days later, we will auto-bill your credit card each month for your Membership. Enjoy your hundreds of dollars of Membership perks and keep the SoftStart as long as you are a Member. Cancel anytime after your first 6-months Membership.  The cost to purchase a SoftStartRV outright is $349.  Click HERE to buy a SoftStartRV outright with no Membership. 

Membership in our SoftStart Club more than pays for itself with the hundreds of dollars of benefits for Members Only.

Now you can get total peace of mind, any product we ship to you under your Membership is Warranted 100% during your Membership.  So you’re covered if it fails. 

For A limited time only, we’re opening up our Membership to the first 250 applicants ONLY at the low price of just $9.99 a month. The initial setup fee is just $49.95.  Membership Fees will be going up to $12.99 monthly and setup will become $69.95, after the first 250 people join.   So get in on the ground floor for just $9.99 month.  Buy you must act quickly. Click the button below…

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