SoftStart Club Members Only Agreement

Please read and sign
– Guarantees that any equipment shipped to Member during his/her Membership will be in good working order and fit for the purpose of which it is ordinarily used.
– Offers a warranty on the equipment for the life of the Membership
– Agrees that if the equipment becomes faulty, it will replace the equipment during the Membership at its cost.
– Agrees to pay for return shipping of the faulty equipment and for shipping the replacement equipment to the Member.
– Will provide technical support to the Member as needed and appropriate.
a. Member agrees to join the SoftStart for an initial minimum period of 6 months or more and to be auto-billed at $9.95 monthly on customer’s credit card.
b. Member agrees that no payments, deposits or fees paid to SoftStartUSA are refundable for any reason.
c. Member may cancel their monthly billing agreement anytime after the initial 6-months by notifying SoftStartUSA and returning the equipment; stopping payment does not cancel Membership. Member must return equipment to stop the billing, any time after the initial 6-month Membership.
d. Member understands the equipment may contain on/off monitoring via encrypted Cellular/Bluetooth and wireless technology and SoftStartUSA reserves the right to disable its use by remote for failure of customer to pay or failure of Member to cancel Membership without returning the equipment.
e. Member can request and receive replacement equipment if equipment is faulty and shall return faulty equipment for a similar or better replacement equipment during Membership.
f. Member will use the equipment for the purpose it was intended and no other use and Member agrees to not modify the equipment in any way and keep it in good condition, wear and tear excepted.
g. Member agrees that if the equipment is not in good repair, appearance and condition when it is returned to SoftStartUSA then SoftStartUSA may make such repairs or may cause such repairs to be made as are necessary to put the equipment in a state of good repair, appearance and condition, normal and reasonable wear and tear excepted. SoftStartUSA will make the said repairs within a reasonable time of taking possession of the equipment and will give the Member written notice of and invoices for the said repairs. Upon receipt of such invoices, the Member will immediately reimburse SoftStartUSA for the actual expense of those repairs. Such repairs shall not exceed the market value of the equipment.
h. Memberwill Indemnify and hold SoftStartUSA harmless for all injuries and or damage of any kind and for any claim of breach of warranty and hold SoftStartUSA harmless for any and all injuries relating to the equipment malfunctioning or other circumstances relating to the equipment, however caused.
i. Member agrees to not encumber the equipment or allow the equipment to be encumbered or pledge the equipment as security in any manner. Member shall not sell, give away or otherwise dispose of the equipment as it is the property of SoftStartUSA and shall remain the property of SoftStartUSA.
j. Member is responsible for the loss/damage of the equipment in their possession up to its market value.
k. Member agrees that no insurance is required for this equipment, but insurance may be obtained at Member’s discretion.
l. Member will indemnify and hold harmless SoftStartUSA against any claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees and costs, arising out of or related to the Member’s use of the equipment.
m. Member agrees that this Agreement and the performance under this Agreement and all suits and special proceedings under this Agreement, be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida without regard to the jurisdiction in which any action or special proceeding may be instituted.
n. Member agrees that if any provisions are found to be invalid in whole or in part, all other provisions will nevertheless continue to be valid and enforceable.
o. Member understands this is a Membership Agreement and Member is not purchasing the equipment.
p. Member agrees this is the entire Membership Agreement between Member and SoftStartUSA
q. Member Agrees to a non-refundable deposit of $81.00 for shipping, handling, insurance, account setup and first months Membership as follows: Account setup & Convenience Fee $49.00 First month’s Membership payment $ 9.95 Shipping and handling $22.05 Total Due On Signing $81.00
r. Member agrees to pay each month thereafter $9.95 month for a minimum of 6-months total $59.70 and beyond until cancelled by either party after 6-months. Up to and including the 6th month, Member will have paid a total of $140.70.
Agreed to and accepted:

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