It Changes Everything!

“It’s really changed how we plan. It changes everything!”

Chris Hinton
RV Lifestyle Blogger, @Hintonthetrails

     Chris Hinton is a full-time RVer with his wife Suzannah, and their 3 kids, Kiersten, Matthew, and Corbin. Together, they run the youtube channel “Hinton The Trail” with currently 6.32K subscribers and growing. As they travel across the country in their RV, they document their journey every step of the way, incorporating the comforts of home while on the road. Their channel is all about empowering other people to do the same! RVing can be difficult, frustrating, and hot. When you’re in your first year, so much is learned from every mishap or mistake or unforeseen hiccup. Chris and his family help their subscribers navigate those challenges by posting helpful reviews, advice, blogs, and more. 

     Chris is a loyal customer of SoftStartRV, so when we released the NEW waterproof and 52% smaller size, Chris had to have it. He was thrilled with the installation. It’s a no cut, no splice process which means that you don’t need to cut ANY wires to install. Because of the SoftStartRV’s small size it can fit anywhere in your RV A/C unit. It also has 40 inches of wires so that it’s completely adaptable to your unit. This has completely changed the way Chris and his family plan their trips and routes in their RV. Now they can come down to the Florida Keys no matter the weather or time of year. Their power management in their RV is so easy thanks to their SoftStartRV. It’s changed everything for them!