More Open Doors, More Exploration, More Freedom

“I was so excited by this product! That I couldn’t wait till the end of the summer. They walked me through this over the phone in 8 minutes! I didn’t think it was going to work, but it did! I hooked up to the 20 amp outlet on the typical generator and that system started up so clean and smooth.”

John & Mercedes, @RVOddCouple


     John & Mercedes were full time RVers who have created a community of people who follow their channel the “Odd Squad”. They run their RV Odd Couple channel and website, with 175K subscribers and over 260 videos. John is usually a skeptic and methodical, analytical type when it comes to testing out new gear. He thought running his power off of a 50 Amp power hook up was the only way. In their first year and a half of RVing, one of their biggest challenges was that they needed a ton of power to stay cool. They quickly realized however that not all parks provide 50 amp service and if they did, it cost an extra fee of $5 a day! That money quickly adds up. When operating off of a 30 amp, they were constantly trying to manage their power resources and avoid blowing a fuse while their A/C units were on. Mercedes also explains that in their first year and half, they’ve had to be very park dependent because of the need for A/C.

   Unless they can somehow predict that the weather is perfect, they must stick to an RV park. But one day their good friend, Chuck, from RVTravel mentioned a SoftStartRV as a solution. John couldn’t immediately jump on board without giving it the proper tests. But, once he had made sure that SoftStartRV was the real deal. He couldn’t believe it was possible! The SoftStartRV enabled him to power his A/C off of 15 and 20 amp power. Now before he got started installing, he was hesitant to mess around with the electricity. However, he was comforted and pleased to speak with one of our tech support team who is a professional electrician and fellow RVer! His installation took 8 minutes! Mercedes explains that this product was such a big deal for them because it’s going to give them more freedom! More open doors and more exploration for this RV Odd Couple.