Best Soft Starter For An Airstream Air Conditioner

Airstream Owners - Here's The Top Soft Start For Your Trailer A/C Regardless Of Size

Exploring new places and enjoying life on the road has never been more appealing, and many RVers turn to Airstream, the trusted travel trailer brand, to take them where they want to go. But what can Airstreamers do to optimize their Airstream to be even more comfortable when traveling?

Whether you’ve been involved in the RV lifestyle for years, or just recently invested in an Airstream, allow us to give you the power of maintaining a comfortable experience on the road. Airstream owners, like owners of a Class A, Class B, or Class C motor home, know that keeping your air conditioner running cool is the top priority in staying comfortable and happy on the road. 

When it comes to keeping your Airstream or RV cool, what is the best soft starter on the market to install into your Airstream? In this article, we’ll break down the differences between the SoftStartRV and other soft starters on the market. In your Airstream, you have the power to travel anywhere. Be sure you have the best gear to live the lifestyle you want on the road, no matter where your next journey leads you.

In this guide, we will review:

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The One Problem Every Airstream Owner Knows And How To Solve It

After a long day of adventure on the road, you return to your campsite. Tired from a day of travel, you’re ready to set up for a night of relaxation and campfire stories. Unfortunately, you quickly realize your campground, like many others, only accommodates enough power for a 30-amp connection. You’re ready to park, get set up, and unwind in comfort after a long travel day. 

Many Airstream owners utilize 2 air conditioners, but in this scenario you can only start ONE air conditioning unit, as it requires more power to get the second A/C started and running. Now you’re in a bad situation: only half of your Airstream is getting cool, while the other half feels just as humid and sticky as it is outside. 

Why pay for a state of the art trailer like an Airstream only to feel hot and sweaty?

Fear not: the SoftStartRV solves this problem. Once installed into your Airstream AC, the SoftStartRV reduces startup power demand by up to 70%. With two SoftStartRV soft start kits installed in your Airstream, one for each air conditioner, you can optimize both of the ACs you paid for when you purchased your Airstream.

Not only does this allow your air conditioners to keep a more consistent cool temperature within your Airstream, but it also gives your generator a break. Your generator will run more smoothly without having to constantly run multiple times throughout your time at the campground. 

The result? Less noise from your generator starting up during the night, meaning you can enjoy a cool and comfortable night’s sleep in your Airstream peacefully. This is also a great solution for Airstreamers who want to boondock or moochdock with ease. 

If you own an Airstream, you probably chose to travel in a Airstream instead of a 5th wheel, Class A motor home, Class C motor home, or other trailer because of the excellent value for the price. After all, an Airstream can actually feel quite spacious for the price. Airstream and RV owners know that keeping a Airstream cool and comfortable can get expensive. 

What Is The Cost Of A SoftStartRV?

SoftStartRV and EasyStart both appear to cost the same for a single soft start. HOWEVER – many Airstreamers opt to purchase at least 2 soft starters, one for each air conditioner. 

The purchase of two EasyStarts does not provide you everything you need to successfully install them with your RV or Airstream ACs.

Price Breakdown: Why Is The SoftStartRV The Best Choice For An Airstream?

With SoftStartRV, you pay $329 for 1 soft starter, or 2 soft starters for $598 and receive:

See our True Product Value Comparison Chart for a simple at-a-glance comparison of EasyStart Vs. SoftStartRV.

1. Unparalleled Customer Service

Many Airstream owners enjoy the “DIY” installation process with their soft starters. But every experienced DIYer knows the simpler, the better. SoftStartRV is committed to providing you a stress-free installation process, whether you have a professional install it, or you opt to install it easily yourself. 

SoftStartRV has you covered every step of the way during your installation process, with ample resources to fit your needs. We provide step-by-step instructions with diagrams and video tutorials. Or, reference the FAQ section of our website. 

What SoftStartRV provides that other soft starter brands do not is LIVE rooftop tech support, who can walk you through your installation over the phone step by step while you are on the roof of your Airstream. Our quality customer service ensures your installation is completely efficient and safe, so that you can spend more time exploring the open road. 

2. User Friendly LED Display

Unlike other brands on the market, SoftStartRV’s LED display is easy to read, simplifying the installation process by providing an “error” message if you run into an issue. Without this feature, other brands are confusing to install. 

3. Run More Appliances Simultaneously

Because SoftStartRV requires less power to start your air conditioner, you are also able to enjoy the added benefit to run more appliances simultaneously. Whether you’re running off a power pole or a generator, our soft starter gives you the power to run what you want, when you want. See our video testimonial from Dick Martin, a SoftStartRV customer who uses his SoftStartRV in his 1986 Airstream Excella trailer.

Get answers on frequently asked questions from our Airstream and RV customers on soft start installation.

FAQ #1: Does A Soft Start Negatively Affect My Airstream Air Conditioner?

No. There is no compromise for installing a SoftStartRV in your Airstream, you get improved startability with the reduced current starts. RV tech expert Mike Sokol explains the technical questions in his video review of the Soft Start RV. (See Mike’s full explanation here.)

FAQ #2: Why don’t A/C manufacturers install these at the factory? Is it to keep costs down?

The RV A/C market is very price competitive. Manufacturers are hesitant to add more cost. There is no compromise for installing a SoftStartRV, you get improved startability with the reduced current starts. (Read more Airstream FAQs here.)

FAQ #3: Will A SoftStartRV Work In A Class A Motor Home, A Class C Motor Home, And An Airstream?

Yes. Both RVs and Airstream air conditioners function with the SoftStartRV.

FAQ #4: How Will A SoftStartRV Give Me More Freedom On The Road?

Check out this review from RV Life: “SoftStartRV Air Conditioning Soft Start Kit Means A/C Freedom At Any 30-Amp Site – Now, you can take your motorhome, 5th-wheel, or travel trailer equipped with multiple air-conditioning units virtually anywhere and enjoy camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing, or just hanging around the campsite, knowing that when the day is done you can relax in the cool comfort of your rig, even on a 30-amp connection. No more hunting for the relatively few 50-amp sites at state parks. “

FAQ #5: Can I run two A/Cs off of one SoftStartRV unit? 

No.  Many RVers with trailers with 2 A/C units choose only one A/C as the only A/C they will use when they’re operating on their single 2000W generator.  The other choice is to run both A/Cs on a single 30A utility hookup or on 2 paralleled generators. But you would need 2 SoftStartRVs, one for each A/C unit. If you plan to design a solar system with a single 4000W inverter (or bigger) to run both A/Cs, you would benefit more by installing a SoftStartRV into both A/C units. It doesn’t matter which A/C is cycling on at any given time.  The same situation is applicable to a 30A utility hookup (3600W). If you plan to only operate one A/C with your solar/inverter system (2000W), then you’d only require 1 SoftStartRV and you select the A/C that would just be run when utilizing the inverter as the energy source.  (Read more Airstream FAQs here.)

Tech Experts Explain Why You Need A Soft Starter In Your Airstream Or RV

Don’t just take our word for it – get the opinion of a professional RV technology expert with over 40 years in the RV industry, Mike Sokol from RV Electricity. Like many others, he’s now a part of the SoftStartRV club, our customers who have taken control of their Airstream or RV A/C power. 

In this video, Sokol explains why SoftStartRV is the ultimate accessory for your RV or Airstream air conditioner, providing an expert review on our product. Whether you’re new to the Airstream lifestyle, or have been camping, boondocking, and moochdocking for years, SoftStartRV is happy to provide a comfortable experience to keep you and your gear safe and comfortable.  

Check out his explanation of the SoftStartRV in his video:

We Respond To Airstream Owners

Have a question on the SoftStartRV product or installation? Our team would be happy to help you. Need more information on if the SoftStartRV is right for your Airstream or your family? Start living the life you want on the road, whether you travel far or stay close to home. 

Check out more of our FAQs on Airstreams like…

Can I run two A/Cs off of one SoftStartRV unit? I want to run my Airstream with 13,500 and 15,000BTU units and set up a solar system.

“No.  Many RVers with trailers with 2 A/C units choose only one A/C as the only A/C they will use when they’re operating on their single 2000W generator.  The other choice is to run both A/Cs on a single 30A utility hookup or on 2 paralleled generators. But you would need 2 SoftStartRVs, one for each A/C unit. 

If you plan to design a solar system with a single 4000W inverter (or bigger) to run both A/Cs, you would benefit more by installing a SoftStartRV into both A/C units. It doesn’t matter which A/C is cycling on at any given time.  The same situation is applicable to a 30A utility hookup (3600W). If you plan to only operate one A/C with your solar/inverter system (2000W), then you’d only require 1 SoftStartRV and you select the A/C that would just be run when utilizing the inverter as the energy source.

(Click here to read more FAQS).

Hear From Airstreamers and 5th Wheelers Just Like You

Start your journey on the road with SoftStartRV, the top brand for RV soft starters on the market. 

I have two AC units on my Airstream and they work as advertised. I have recommended two of my friends who are getting them for their trailers!
– Kevin

I took the leap of faith and bought a SoftStartRV for my little Airstream Basecamp. A rather small AC unit, but I wanted to run it with a little 2200i Honda generator…I studied the schematics of the various units, figured out which one was mine, and ventured on the roof and installed it with no trouble at all. Now I can easily start up the AC and even run it in the Econ mode of the generator. Wow! I’d contacted support a week before installation to ask a few questions and they called me back 5 times making sure I had a smooth install before I could make it to the roof. If I had needed them, they would have been there, no question. Super nice guy! 
– Dave

We recently installed the SoftstartRV on our 2020 Airstream Globetrotter 23FB. The instructions and guidelines were very easy to follow. We turned our fridge and water heater from 120v to propane and started the AC fan first. We followed that by turning the AC on and turning the temp down. The SoftStartRV worked perfectly on our household 15amp service. Our Airstream started cooling immediately. We will now buy a Honda EU2200i and convert it to propane so it can run off our RV propane tanks. We can’t wait to head out next week to try it boondocking!
– Stuart

Day of installation I sent a text & within 30 minutes received a telephone call ready to calmly & casually talked me thru… patiently waiting while I made the necessary male & female connections & testing once completed. It took about an hour, but the friendliness & professionalism made the time fly by. I would definitely recommend this product.
– Laurence

The SoftStart website was awesome for support and the installation videos were quite useful. Would and have recommended these devices to family members and friends. Thanks
– Dale

Read more testimonials of the SoftstartRV from Airstreamers and RVers here. Have a review you’d like to share? Email us! 

Help us get the word out about SoftStartRV by reviewing us on Google and Facebook. Your support helps us continue to provide the five-star customer service you love for a quality RV product. 

Amazon Reviews

Start living your life on the road more comfortably with SoftStartRV, the top brand for RV soft starters on the market. We’re proud to provide an excellent product to our Airstream customers. Check out our Amazon reviews from real Airstreamers who love the SoftStartRV.

Works like a dream. My generator runs like there is no AC coming on at all. Even runs it on Econ more. Of course, it’s on a tiny AC unit in an Airstream Basecamp, but it wouldn’t run it before. Great purchase!”
Dave K.
“If you take your time and follow the instructions this is relatively easy to install and it works great! It really has solved my Airstreams AC problem of tripping the circuit all the time.”
– Amazon Customer

Ready to start living the life you want in your Airstream?

Become a member of the NetworkRV family and order a SoftStartRV. We deliver on our promise to keep your Airstream or RV cool. With free tech support, free extended warranty, and 100% money back guarantee for 90 days, our special discount beats competitors and gives you the peace of mind to buy with confidence. 

Trust has to be earned and we want to earn it

We appreciate the faith and trust you have placed in us in purchasing and using our SoftStartRV. More and more we’ve come to understand that we are a referral-based business. Hence, we appreciate and encourage anyone in your life right now such as a father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, cousin, neighbor, or fellow camper that has a need to be cool anywhere in their RV, and needs THE BEST expert opinion or soft start solution. We promise you we will give them our preferential service. And even if they choose to NOT buy our products, we will still try and help them solve their RV cooling issues.

Because you referred us, we are ready, willing, and passionately able to serve the people that are important to you. We want to help make smart campers smarter by giving them the most thorough, most meaningful, professional soft start advice. We will provide for them solutions, recommendations, videos, diagrams, plus LIVE rooftop tech call support. We will treat them in an incredibly special way on how to stay cool anywhere, anytime in their RV.

So please feel confident in your recommendation of us. Trust has to be earned, and we hope we have earned that in you to a degree you feel at ease in suggesting that special person, or special dog or cat who may need camper cooling in hot weather. We trust our help will be sought without reservations, thanks to your sincerest recommendations.

Glossary of Terms For RV + Airstream Owners


Your air conditioner, or A/C as it’s abbreviated, circulates the air within your RV, 5th wheel, Casita, Airstream, trailer, or motor home. SoftStartRV serves as an accessory that works with your RV air conditioner to provide a more evenly cooled space, that starts smoothly and runs with the power needed to keep you cool.


Airstream is a popular brand of travel trailer built out of aluminum, on the road since the 1930s. It is one of the top known RV brands in the industry. 


Amp, or amperage, is the base unit of electronic currents. Most RV air conditioners 


A camper, also called a campervan, motor caravan, or caravanette is a  van that has been converted in some way to accomodate basic living necessities, like beds and a kitchenette. A camper van will typically sleep 2 or 3 people.

Camping Gear
Camping gear refers to any equipment you may bring with you to accommodate your next camping or RV trip. Common camping gear may include a tent, sleeping bag, cookware, clothing, toiletries, portable grill, and a first aid kit.

capacitor is a device inside an air conditioning unit. It is small, cylindrical and it supplies and controls electrical energy. The capacitor provides a high-voltage jolt to the blower motor, compressor, and fan motor. The high voltage jolt is around 400 to 600 volts. 


Casita is a top brand of small travel trailers that are easily towed with small cars and trucks. The Casita brand was established in 1983.

Class A Motorhome

A Class A Motorhome is defined as a conventional motorhome. It’s the largest and most luxurious of the motorized RVs.

Class B Motorhome

Class B Motorhomes are often referred as camper vans. Best suited for small groups, they’re smaller and more fuel efficient than Class C motorhomes. 

Class C Motorhome

A Class C motorhome is similar to a traditional automobile. It looks like a van from the front and is built with a cab or a cut-away chassis. 


A compressor is one element inside of your RV air conditioner, working with the condenser and evaporator to keep your AC blowing cold air. 


A generator is typically used with an RV, Airstream, or other motor home to power your air conditioner unit. The most common portable generator brands you will see at campsites include Advent, Armstrong, Atwood, Carrier, Coleman, Dometic, and Furion.

5th Wheel / Fifth Wheel

A 5th Wheel is a type of RV that has a hitch, allowing the driver to tow it behind a larger vehicle. A 5th Wheel is preferred by many because it provides the space of something larger, without being a “house on wheels” like many RVs.


A trailer is a separate vehicle that is not motorized, meaning it will need to be towed by a motorized vehicle or RV. Trailers are split into many categories, most notably travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, popup trailers or truck campers. 

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