Is There A Way To Run Two AC’s Off Of One SoftStartRV Unit.

I’d like to design a solar system for my new Airstream with 13,500 and 15,000 BTU units.

It is possible electrically to wire a single SoftStartRV into 2 A/C units, but it would compromise the SoftStartRV’s ability to monitor each of the A/C compressors during their run time. It would also probably cost more than just buying a 2nd SoftStartRV due to the need for additional wiring in between both Rooftop A/C units, and the labor costs. Also the wiring needed between the A/C units, together with the power relay switching devices connecting the wires to one compressor at a time, would end up being a veritable disaster. Sorry. This is not a sales pitch to sell 2 SoftStartRV units.

Some of our customers that have 2 A/C units designate just one A/C as the only A/C they will use when they're operating on their stand-alone 2,000 Watt generator. Their choice in doing this is a trade-off in the ability to run both A/Cs on a single 30 amp hookup – or on 2 generators in parallel, since not everyone can afford 2 SoftStartRV units.

If you intend to setup a solar type system with a single 4,000 Watt inverter to run both Air Conditioners, you would be better served installing a SoftStartRV into both A/C units. This way, it will not matter which A/C is cycling on at any given time.

The same situation would apply with a 30 amp utility hookup of 3,600 Watts after an install into an Airstream with both a 13.5k and a 15k BTU A/C. If you want to only run one A/C with your solar system of 2,000 Watts, then you'd only need a single SoftStartRV and you'd have to choose the A/C that would only be powered on when using the inverter as the power source.

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