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Doug Curtis – Co-Founder of  SoftStartUSA. Doug has worked in the RV industry for over 15 years, and has been an outdoor enthusiast for over 50 years. Whether he’s reflecting on his time road tripping across the country in an Econoline camper van, or sharing industry secrets from his years of years of launching award winning technology, Doug is full of surprising knowledge.

Mike Sokol – aka Mr. RV Electricity has a background in mechanical electrical engineering, and has been playing with all kinds of technology since he was a kid. Mike has been teaching his audience for years about smart energy solutions through his writing and video work, providing easy to understand explanations to even the most challenging topics for RVers and homeowners.

     Zapp Savvy is the podcast that electrifies your world with cutting-edge energy solutions and revolutionary technologies. Each episode deep dives into smart energy solutions that RVers and homeowners face everyday. Join hosts Doug and Mike as they share innovative technologies, expert insights, and practical tips to help you harness your own power -at home, on the road, and everywhere in between.

     Zapp Savvy is the go-to podcast for anyone seeking to empower their lives with cutting-edge energy solutions. Whether you’re an RV enthusiast, a homeowner looking to reduce to optimize your energy use, or a tech enthusiast fascinated by the latest advancements, this podcast is tailored just for you.

Power up your adventures and charge your life with knowledge.


This episode, our hosts continue our discussion from Episode 3, as they dive even deeper into solar power – this time for breaking down what you need to know before utilizing solar power in your home – including a comprehensive price breakdown. They will provide a cost analysis of solar power in various places – like Seattle, Maryland, and Monterey Bay, give you access to cost estimate calculators as helpful tools, and discuss the actual performance of solar in the home.

This episode, Doug and Mike break down the top things you need to consider before jumping to solar power. Get ready for a101 course on how to manage solar power – we’ll discuss everything beginners need to know before jumping into solar power, including cost breakdown, potential benefits and risks, and answering audience FAQs.

This episode is all about powering your home in an emergency situation. Special guest Chris Flegel of Reliance Controls joins the podcast to answer all of your FAQs about emergency backup power – including a comprehensive breakdown of backup power solutions.

They discuss everything from generators to solar power and all the transfer switches in between! If you’ve got in depth electrical questions and need answers, this episode is for you!

In this first episode, Doug and Mike provide a rundown of what’s happening right now in the tech space, and give tips and takeaways for how you can start incorporating smart energy technology into your home – they’re answering audience questions, telling stories, and more.

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