SoftStartRV Soft Starter

Ideal Soft Start Kit For A/C For Dry Camping

While dry camping or boondocking , a small Honda generator is all someone truly requires for full-featured camping. Regrettably, most portable generators won’t start your RV’s air conditioner, forcing it to be very sticky and uncomfortable to enjoy those warm days.

RVers can now start and run with a soft start kit for RV air conditioner using SoftStartRV with their Honda generator. It starts a 15k or 13.5k air conditioner. Now you can stay cool and concentrate on the fun, even in those free camping locations with no electrical hookups.

Best RV AC Soft Start Kit Signifies A/C Freedom At Any 30-Amp Site

Today, you can drive your fifth wheel, travel trailer or motorhome, prepared with multiple air-conditioning units practically everywhere and enjoy site seeing, hiking, camping, ,canoeing, fishing, or just hang out around the campsite, aware that when the day time is complete you can chill out in the cool comfort of your camper, even with a 30-amp connection. Forget searching for the fairly few 50-amp sites at national parks.

RV AC soft start kits have made this possible with the SoftStartRV. The SoftStartRV A/C soft start kit decreases the startup power requirement by up to 70%. Installing a SoftStartRV for each A/C unit not only smooths out the power spike when plugged in, but it makes reduces stress for your generator as well. Now, your 5th wheel, motorhome, 5th-wheel, or travel trailer can take utilize both of the RV air conditioner units your camper came with.