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Now Every RV Can Keep Cool Anywhere

SoftStartUSA Now Offers the Smallest SoftStartRV™ Device to Fit in More RV A/Cs Than Ever Before

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – For RVs equipped with rooftop air conditioners, savvy owners have been adding soft starter technology to eliminate untimely shutdowns due to A/C startup-related issues.

However, one thing that has kept some RVers from installing soft starters has been their large size. Many are simply too big to fit under the A/C cover.

SoftStartUSA introduces a more compact SoftStartRV™ Advanced Soft Starter that is over 52% smaller than the original RV A/C soft starters. It can fit under the lowest profile A/C covers and deliver the same high-quality performance of our previous larger model. What’s more, the latest SoftStartRV device also features the industry’s easiest installation and longest warranty.

How a SoftStartRV Makes RV Life Better

A SoftStartRV unit on each RV air conditioner enables RVers to start and run two A/Cs on a 30-amp hookup or a generator. It also lets them start and run one air conditioner on a small 2,200-watt generator. SoftStartRV even lets RVers run an air conditioner from batteries with the proper setup and inverter.

A SoftStartRV A/C soft starter gives RVers much more flexibility in planning RV adventures. Because it greatly reduces the power needed to startup an A/C unit, the SoftStartRV lets people keep more electrical appliances running simultaneously. It also lets RVers go places never thought possible while keeping comfortable with limited generator or 120 VAC household power.

Now – All the Functionality in a Smaller Package

When you’re wedging a component into an already cramped space – such as inside a rooftop A/C unit – the size reduction of the latest SoftStartRV is a HUGE change. It’s 52% smaller than many other RV A/C soft starters which means it will fit any RV A/C unit. This engineering improvement virtually eliminates one of the biggest challenges to adding a soft starter to an RV air conditioner. But going smaller wasn’t enough: SoftStartUSA also wanted to make it easier to install.

Easy SoftStartRV A/C Installation

To make installation as easy as possible, each SoftStartRV unit includes a complete Install Kit with wire connectors, screws and wire ties. In addition, each order now includes a free wire crimping tool so that anyone can secure the connectors onto the wires without having to search for special tools. The whole process takes about 20-30 minutes.

No-Cut, No-Splice Installation

Understanding that many people have not added a SoftStartRV to their RV because of concerns about the installation process, SoftStartRV developed the industry’s ONLY “6-Step, No-Cut/ No-Splice” process. That’s right — a SoftStartRV can be installed without cutting or splicing any wires! 

With a SoftStartRV, you receive the unit, instructions, and an kit with all the parts needed to complete the installation. You’ll still need electrical tape and the tools to remove the A/C cover, but all connectors and a crimping tool are provided. You can download A/C unit-specific instructions from the SoftStartRV website and follow along.

Still not comfortable with the process? Then you can schedule rooftop installation support. Set up a date and time with the support team and one of their members will walk you through the installation, step-by-step, over the phone. 

Exclusive Waterproof Performance

To withstand extremely humid conditions and the condensation that rooftop A/C units generate, the newest SoftStartRV model is waterproof, delivering worry-free operation regardless of muggy climates or extended A/C use. In fact, SoftStartRV is the only soft starter that is built and tested to meet stringent waterproof standards.

Extended 3-Year Warranty Guarantees Lasting Performance

To assure customers of premium cooling comfort as well as comfort in knowing they received the best soft start product available, SoftStartUSA offers a standard 1-year warranty, and then extends it for 2 more years absolutely free with online registration of the SoftStartRV product. Other manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty and then charge extra for only 1 additional year. 

Learn More About SoftStartRV A/C Startup Technology

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