What’s The Best Soft Start For My RV Air Conditioner

Soft starters are the least common type of starters on the market currently, with hard starters, direct on line (DOL) starters, and variable frequency drive (VFD) starters being more widely available.

So, instead of trawling the internet for the best soft starters on the market, we’ve found the best one for you to use on your RV’s air conditioning unit.

A soft starter can dramatically help your AC unit run inside your RV. We will be looking into how this is possible, as well as how you can make your RV AC work better. Let’s get started, shall we?

What is a soft starter?

A soft starter is a device that can be used to start your motor if it’s struggling on its own. While a motor might have a rather modest running current, the starting current is often six to ten times higher than this. With all of this pressure on a motor, it’s no surprise that it can have difficulty starting on its own.

While the soft starter can help your motor start, it can also prolong its lifespan by preventing it from overheating and becoming overloaded. The soft starter reduces starting torque of a motor which can be the main culprit of premature damage.

As well as reducing the torque of your motor, the soft starter works by reducing the starting current. As the power source is turned on, the initial current is up to ten times the amount that your motor is designed for.

Without a soft starter, this inrush of current all forces itself to your motor and puts a great amount of strain on it. However, the soft starter will take this inrush of current and stop the majority of it from reaching the motor.

Once the motor is started, the soft starter will allow the current to be fed through to the motor, little by little, until the motor reaches maximum speed. This gentle way of starting the motor makes it much smoother and easier on the motor and other components in the system.

Why do RV AC units need soft starters?

When vacationing in an RV, you’re most likely either going to be using a generator for your main power supply or a hookup at an RV park. Both of these power sources are not ideal for using an AC unit on their own, which is where soft starters come in.

The hookups at RV parks are more often than not 30 amp. This is fine for running your appliances such as the refrigerator and hairdryers, but not so much an AC unit. A lot of RVs will have two or more AC units to ensure that the entire vessel is cool enough to be enjoyable.

However, the inrush of current from the 30 amp hookup will only be enough to start one of the AC units up. With a soft starter, the inrush current will be lessened to allow both of the AC units to work.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling off the grid with only a portable generator to supply you with power, your small generator might not be powerful enough to get your AC unit started. Using a soft starter makes this much more possible by gently starting the AC unit successfully.

Best Soft Starter for Your RV Air Conditioner

Now that you have an idea of why soft starters are so important when it comes to using air conditioners in RVs, which is the best one to purchase? That might just be the simplest question to answer – SoftStartRV by NetworkRV is the best soft starter for your RV air conditioner.

Below we will be looking at the most impressive features that the SoftStartRV has to offer.

What can the SoftStartRV run?

Above we looked at why using a soft starter in your RV is so important when it comes to enjoying the air conditioning. Without a soft starter, you might experience spluttering air conditioning or an AC unit that doesn’t even turn on.

The good news is that the SoftStartRV can help your AC unit to be run on numerous different sources. On a 30 amp hookup that you’d usually find at an RV park, the SoftStartRV enables your RV to be able to run two AC units rather than just one.

Your RV will be much cooler and enjoyable thanks to this tiny device that fits into the inner workings of your motorhome. But that’s not all it can do.

With the SoftStartRV you can run one AC unit from either a small portable generator or a 20 amp household hookup without any issues. So, when you’re traveling off the grid you can still enjoy the cooling effects of one air conditioner thanks to the SoftStartRV.

Finally, the SoftStartRV also enables you to run one or two air conditioners using your onboard inverter system. You can choose whether you want to run one or two using this as it could affect your other devices.

Reduces AC Noises

If you’ve ever spent a night in an air-conditioned motorhome, you might be painfully aware of the thumping noises that the AC units make as the compressor kicks into gear. These might not be as noticeable in the daytime when you’re bustling around enjoying your vacation, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be disrupted in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, the SoftStartRV can eliminate these noises and the ‘trailer shaking’ that you might experience throughout the night. Enjoy some much-needed relaxation and recuperation with the help of a SoftStartRV.

How does the SoftStartRV work?

As you know, soft starters are designed to gently start up a motor rather than allowing all of the initial inrush of current to speed to the motor as soon as the power source is turned on. Some soft starters can reduce the initial current by 50 to 60%, and that is considered a great difference from using it without a soft starter.

However, the SoftStartRV goes one step further and can reduce the starting current from 100% to 30-35%. That is an incredible difference between the starting currents, and it is no wonder that you can start your AC units up with ease thanks to this device.

There is no need for you to purchase a separate contactor or capacitor, either. The SoftStartRV has both of these components built-in, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing any other components for your soft starter.

The SoftStartRV allows you to run the majority of your appliances along with your AC units without any problems. Without the soft starter, you might not be able to run any appliances with the AC, or very few as the best result.

You can run the majority of your appliances on your generator or the hookup as well as the AC unit, as long as you have the SoftStartRV working alongside the air conditioning units. There is no need to purchase a larger generator or suffer through the blazing temperature of the summer sun.

Size and Weight

With any RV, you might be worried about exceeding the legal limit of how much weight you’re allowed in your RV. When planning a vacation in a motorhome, you are going to want to have everything with you – just in case.

That means packing clothes that you haven’t worn in years, handheld devices in case you get bored, and more board games than you could possibly play with during your vacation. But once you weigh all of your luggage and are brought back down to reality, you’re going to be very picky with what you allow in your RV.

That being said, you don’t have to worry about the SoftStartRV’s weight taking you over that threshold. Weighing less than 2 pounds allows you to install the device and forget it.

Similar to the weight issue, you might have reservations about the size of the SoftStartRV. There is limited space inside of a motorhome, and it fills up quickly! However, you do not have to worry about the size of the SoftStartRV.

It measures 6 x 3 x 3 inches, making it incredibly small and easy to carry with you. Not that the size of the device would matter anyway, as it is installed near your AC unit out of sight.

Fitting the SoftStartRV

There has to be a catch, right? Everything that we’re saying is simply too good to be true. But what else could there be to catch you out on? Installation within the RV, perhaps? Do you need to hire an expensive professional to fit the soft starter properly?

No, you don’t have to hire anyone – installing the SoftStartRV by yourself could not be easier, and you even get a number of tools to help you with the installation process. Along with the SoftStartRV device, you will receive a turnkey install kit, screws, tiles, wire caps, and more.

All of these tools and hardware pieces are free of charge to ensure that you don’t need to make any more purchases while waiting for your soft starter.

Along with the soft starter and all of the hardware you need to install it with, you will receive a list of well written and clear instructions. If you find that you’re having any trouble with these, there are then a number of web install videos, guides, and directions that you have access to.

Finally, if you are still having trouble installing the device, you can request a tech support installation call. Many previous customers have taken advantage of this option and found them incredibly helpful and intuitive.

SoftStartRV Price and Warranty

The price that NetworkRV is offering is very competitive, with a current deal ongoing in which you can save money. If you were looking to purchase more soft starters from NetworkRV, you would save even more money!

So, if you wanted to run more than one AC unit in your RV and needed more than one SoftStartRV, it makes sense to purchase them altogether to maximize your savings. The SoftStartRV also comes with free shipping to anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Moving onto the warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is protected by not one, but two warranties from NetworkRV. Within the first 90 days of your purchase, you have the opportunity to get your money back if you’re not completely satisfied with the soft starter. This is a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Alternatively, if the 90 days surpass and you find a fault with your soft starter that has been created during the manufacturing process, you can activate the one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

One excellent thing about the warranty offered by NetworkRV is that you can extend it from one year to two years – for free. That’s right, you can double the length of your warranty at no additional cost from your pocket.

Finally, if you love the SoftStartRV as much as everyone else and refers your friends to the company, you will receive a $25 bonus from NetworkRV.


Soft starters are incredibly important when it comes to running your AC units inside of your RV. The small device allows you to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning while still having your other appliances running, such as the refrigerator or your entertainment devices.

But which soft starter is best for running your AC units inside of your RV? In our eyes – the SoftStartRV by NetworkRV is undoubtedly the best option on the market. The price is competitive and the manufacturer offers the best warranty on the market.

The soft starter is incredibly easy to install without a professional, and you have countless sources of information at your disposal to ensure that the installation is as simple as possible for you. There is also an excellent tech support line to call if you need additional help.

The SoftStartRV can enable you to use an AC unit on a small portable generator or two AC units on a 30-amp hookup. No matter what you need your soft starter for, the SoftStartRV is definitely the one for you.