I Have Two 15,000 BTU AC Units On My Fifth Wheel

In order to reduce the size of your generator and still run 2 15kBTU Air conditioners at the same time of one 30 amp hookup, you need to install 2 SoftStartRV units, one on each A/C.

Of course, the total wattage required by two 15kBTU systems would not leave much “electrical room” for other appliances on a 30 amp cord, but the fact that you can now do this type of operation speaks to the powerful features and benefits of the SoftStartRV.

You will need to plan for approximately 1,800Watts for each of your 15k A/Cs, equaling 3,600 total Watts.

Think about the need for power to your other appliances, such as your water heater, your microwave and your refrigerator. Perhaps you have a converter/battery charger as well.

Then plan for whatever power management you are ok with.

The really good news is you will not require any extra generator capacity for the startup of your 2 A/C units since 2 SoftStartRV units – one on each A/C, will reduce the starting surge to be only a few amps higher than the steady-state power requirement of your two Air Conditioners.  A single Honda 2200ii or a Yamaha 2200ii generator or similar should get the job done nicely with 2 SoftStartRV units.

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