I Have A 15,000 Dometic AC Unit With A 2200 Watt Ryobi Inverter Generator

We have some customer feedback from owners with 15k BTU Dometic Rooftop A/C units on several different types of generators.  With SoftStartRV we can start and run our A/C on a Honda EU2200iii on ECO mode smoothly and with no problem.

Some other customers have the same success with the Yamaha EF2200iiiSv2, the Westinghouse 2200iiiXLT.    Unfortunately, we don’t any reports from anyone who has attempted to run their A/C on a Ryobi model – of any kind.  Also, not all 2200ii Watt generators are built alike, and they do not have the same starting capabilities and output capability.

Since your Ryobi has 2200W peak, we were able to find the model RYI2200.  According to its specs, it has a running output power rating of 1,800 Watts.  Some people run into issues with this.  With a SoftStartRV unit installed, you’ll be able to start the A/C reliably on most 2,000 Watt generators. However, since many 15kBTU A/Cs could draw in excess of 1,800 Watts, especially in very hot weather, the generator will not be able to keep the A/C running indefinitely.

This is not the fault of the SoftStartRV, but it often gets blamed because the customer cannot start the A/C at all without SoftStartRV  So, the first time being able to run the A/C sustained is with SoftStartRV installed, which then gets blamed for any deficiency that the generator might have.

However, the latest Honda EU2200iii generators are very good and they are able to sustain up to 2,000 Watts (16.7A at 120VAC) pretty much indefinitely.  We do not know how your Ryobi might perform under this situation.

If your 15k Dometic is the Dometic Penguin II, you may be able to just get it going under 1,800 Watt (15A), but it will be of marginal performance.  The original Dometic Penguin took more power in both 13.5k and 15k sizes, so if yours is the older model, I wouldn’t even attempt it with the Ryobi.

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