Will A Champion 2200iiW Generator Start My RV A/C?

Will a Champion 2200ii inverter start my Dometic RV A/C at 13.5 with a SoftStartRV and have you tried this combination?

Yes, we have tried this combination.  Because of the lower cost over similar size generators, we have had several inquiries about using our SoftStartRV with this generator, the Champion 2200ii, model number 73536.

Several months ago a customer purchased a SoftStartRV and she was operating its 13.5 BTU A/C on this particular Champion model.

Unlike the great SoftStartRV successes we’ve seen with customers who own the Honda 2200iii or the Yamaha EF 2200iii or a couple of other very popular inverter generators; the Champion 2200ii did not stack up to be the same type of generator.

We found that even with the contractors that installed this Champion they could not start the 15K Dometic penguin, even though our Honda 2200iii could start the A/C – even with the eco-mode turned on.  So the conclusion was that the Champion 2200ii is truly not a 2200iiW generator

The largest AC we could start and run on this Champion 2200iiW with SoftStartRV installed was a 9 KBTU Marine unit.

We don’t recommend you purchase a SoftStartRV if you want to purchase – or already own – a Champion 2200iiW.  We were equally as disappointed since the combination would’ve been a very low-cost solution for many customers. The Champion 2200iiW doesn’t even come close to the Honda 2200ii1 or the Yamaha EF 2200iii.

Buy a Honda 2200ii or a Yamaha 2200ii instead, if you want your A/C to run with a SoftStartRV.

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