Start Your A/C Units On 30-Amps & Stay Cool While Dry Camping With SoftStartRV

Camper and Arizona Landscape

As an RV camper, you fantasize about those wonderful campgrounds in national parks and forests. You thirst for the secluded campsites of former times during the glory days of Route 66 folk lore. As attractive as that may be, experiencing those locations during their summer peak is often a coin-toss between perspiration and melancholy. As is often the case, the power grid at those camping areas is also from the olden days and only offers 30-amps. The more genuine the outdoor experience, the less likely you are to have the power capacity you require to cool off.

While many private camping areas provide a 50-amp hookup, older and more old-fashioned campsites often offer only 30-amps to power your RV. Furthermore, those that do provide 50-amp connections have a tendency to fill up first. Latecomers and last-minute arrivals only get the 30-amp power.

The majority of RVers only need 30-amps for most functionality, trusting on that 50-amp surge to start up a second air conditioning unit, often a requirement to stay cool and comfortable during the most popular camping seasons. Keep cool while dry camping with SoftStartRV air conditioner soft start kits.

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